by Circaic

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Standing away, glaring through the glass
Perpetually silent, dare not to utter a breath
Diversion of thought, a valiant effort never to succeed
For you are weak, no matter what you desire others to see

The facade is falling away
Crumbling, truth lends to decay
Your facade is fading away

Vindictive, creep among the peers
Crawl under surveillance, beneath unseeing eyes and unknowing ears
Turn away with your fears
Parasitic scourge, the draining of life, I grant thee death, surrender and die

Falling away
Crumbling, truth lends to decay
Your facade is fading away

I am the catalyst of hate
Turn away

Turn away with your fear
Tremble, quake, cower, and quiver
Retrace cowardice through the years
For your shelter is lost and the rain is soon to be here

Cleansing this filth, to be unborn

Now is the time that you taste the blood
Veins flowing intensify the flood

Suffering evisceration
You are much closer to death than your eyes deceive you to believe

You portray this front of strength
But I can see through to the cowardice in your ways

Intensify the flood
Bleed to intensify the flood
Bleed me your pain, repent to me your sins
Intensify the flood

Standing down, disgraced
Undisguised by the feeble attempt to cover your name and hide your face
Your virus erased, displaced, replaced with haste
Wounded, time to crawl away bleeding and bleed out what's left of your life

Suffering at its sweetest
Come to me, repent your sins, crawl off in a corner, and die
The ecstasies of torture, I must regain composure
And you must crawl away, time has come to crawl away

I am the catalyst of hate
Turn away


released July 8, 2014



all rights reserved


Circaic Colorado Springs, Colorado

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